NEW JIEW - ครึ่งชีวิต (ทั้งจิตใจ) [The Story]

  • musiccreamgmm

    ติดตามชม Music Video ครึ่งชีวิต (ทั้งจิตใจ) 29.04.21 (8 PM) แล้วมารอลุ้นตอนจบไปด้วยกันน้า 🤭❤

    • meenu nair
      meenu nair

      Is this another series coming?

    • Manoch Khatraksa
      Manoch Khatraksa

      ตอนจบอยู่ไหนครับ มันผ่านวันที่แจ้งมาแล้วเกือบ 2 เดือนล่ะ

    • Andi Muh. Subhan
      Andi Muh. Subhan

      What the next story??

    • Kathlen Lagera Oviedo
      Kathlen Lagera Oviedo

      Plss let anyone free download this na kah🙏

    • Mj Taladua
      Mj Taladua

      You will realize someone is so valuable to you once they left you behind and move forward.

  • BL Diva
    BL Diva

    someone please tell me what the name of this is in english? i'd really like to watch it

  • Amritha Mahesh
    Amritha Mahesh

    I love when these two are together

  • Angelia Bella
    Angelia Bella

    opened a 24 hours coffee shops to meet him REALLY HURT ME T.T I LOVE THEIR ACT always make me amaze ♡♡♡

  • saranghae oishi lemon honey, pink milk
    saranghae oishi lemon honey, pink milk

    I came coz.of earth mix clickbait

  • Vang Vireak
    Vang Vireak


  • jerry park
    jerry park

    I get my hands on every sad ending series............ and end up crying whole day n night☝🏻😭😭😭

  • alfred gingoni
    alfred gingoni

    i really love thier tandem.

  • panom01


  • p y
    p y

    ayo min buat sub indo nya:-)

  • Patcharadara wang
    Patcharadara wang

    ขอสักเรื่องที่มีโมเม้นตีกัน เหมือนในชีวิตจริงหน่อยยย 555555+

  • Trương Thị Ngọc Giàu
    Trương Thị Ngọc Giàu

    Phim hay mv z mn

  • Natnicha 16
    Natnicha 16


  • วัฒนา รัชตพันธ์
    วัฒนา รัชตพันธ์


  • Hero Li
    Hero Li

    Los amo

  • Przpteez BKPP
    Przpteez BKPP

    I think Earth and Mix met each other in 2014 irl too, cause exact 7 yrs if we count from 2021-- like in this story

  • ThirTAY

    7:22 LMAOO I thought a pen just came out of whale’s nose

  • Shelly P
    Shelly P

    Is there a part 2 floating around out there somewhere?

    • DS
      DS this MV is the continuation.

  • Agus Saputra
    Agus Saputra

    Judul nya apa

  • 머라꼬씨부리노

    얘들 이 시리즈는 언제 방송 하는교?~보고 싶어서 그래용~EarthMix Very So Good!~

  • shravani medhekar
    shravani medhekar

    I was on a BL break and just got back and am watching everything so has the second half of this out yet? If yes where?🥺

    • DS
      DS this MV is the continuation

  • sheyla marin
    sheyla marin

    Porque me hacen llorar :'v quiero más dramas con ellos juntos. Se llevan bien juntos uwu

  • ikha zulaikha
    ikha zulaikha

    star in the sea

  • Sukniessa Ophart
    Sukniessa Ophart


  • Petchploy Suttima
    Petchploy Suttima

    ฮือออ เศร้ามาก ดีนะได้ดู mv แล้ว ชอบเรื่องราวมาก

  • Andreas Nguyên
    Andreas Nguyên

    What? This can't be it, will there be a part II?

    • Andreas Nguyên
      Andreas Nguyên

      @DS Great, Thank you so much.

    • DS
      DS this MV is the continuation

  • deffwpr


  • kim rachi
    kim rachi

    Mix is one of the best actors in the bl industry.

  • kim rachi
    kim rachi

    Earthmix are literally the cutest people alive ,together and individually

  • Vỹ Ca triệu
    Vỹ Ca triệu

    😭😭😭 2 hàng nước mắt....

  • Rommel Ramos
    Rommel Ramos

    I want all their series must have a happy ending, I love MixEarth and they're my favorite amongst all couple, sending love from the Philippines 🇵🇭

  • Who Knows?
    Who Knows?

    I need other series with this two, I love them

  • Kat Kat
    Kat Kat

    To be continued 😳😳When!! Please we already have the wedding tux since a tale of 1000 stars. Don't make us wait anymore.

    • DS

    • DS

      There's a MV as the continuation of this short story.

  • rainof tranquility
    rainof tranquility

    I need a new series with these two.

  • Denice Walker
    Denice Walker

    How many episodes is this series?

    • DS

      This is not a series, it's just a short story.. this MV is the continuation of this story.

  • Love is Love
    Love is Love

    1:44 my earthmix heart 😭 omg

  • Suiyile Newme
    Suiyile Newme

    Drama name plz

    • DS

      This is just a short story not a drama. this MV is the continuation of this story

  • witchawut P
    witchawut P


  • mixxploy


  • Vy Yến
    Vy Yến

    Hóng phần 2. Làm ơn HE đi

  • G Crafts
    G Crafts

    "do you remember?, you missed one star that night when you counted. -i found it, it is you" Phupha

  • 화화

    When will we get part 2? Havent it out yet?

    • Mix Pirapat
      Mix Pirapat

      The MV itself is the continuation of this short story

  • Vixen Krista
    Vixen Krista


  • Vixen Krista
    Vixen Krista


  • Anushka M Sangma
    Anushka M Sangma

    This is so sad 😭

  • Máximo Suárez
    Máximo Suárez

    Alguien me puede decir si es otra serie de estos actores

  • Top And Trending352
    Top And Trending352

    What's the title of this series?

    • Alul Azmi
      Alul Azmi

      This is just mini series as an intro of new jiew song ( intro of music video/clip)

  • Nani Basi
    Nani Basi

    When will 2nd part come??? Is it finished?

    • DS
      DS this MV is the continuation of the story

  • duaratus duaratus
    duaratus duaratus

    Si Bumi disini kok kurusan ya.?

  • Carl Owen Omonlay
    Carl Owen Omonlay

    so cutteee🙈✨

  • Karina Sucozhañay
    Karina Sucozhañay

  • ly tran
    ly tran

    Continue 😑 When? 😭

    • DS
      DS this MV is the continuation of this story

  • Ube Cheese De Sal
    Ube Cheese De Sal

    What is this lmao bat mapanakit?????

  • Prince Philip
    Prince Philip

    I'm gonna wait for the continuation 🥰

    • DS

      @Prince Philip i miss them too, i guess everyone does 😁

    • Prince Philip
      Prince Philip

      @DS thank you. I miss them 🥰

    • DS
      DS this MV is the continuation of the story

  • Alfred Sarabia
    Alfred Sarabia

    Goshh this is sooo Short.. I need more

  • tanushree parteki
    tanushree parteki

    Is their next episode

    • DS

      This is just a short story this MV is the continuation of this story

  • Nurshazwin Nadya
    Nurshazwin Nadya

    "on valentine's day, single girls always go out and do some lonely stuff by themselves" yo I feel so attacked rn 😭

  • Vivian okolie
    Vivian okolie

    This is really beautiful ,it would be a really good series for sure

  • czyrine parido
    czyrine parido

    wheres the next story??

    • DS
      DS this MV is the continuation of this story

  • Kiki Kc
    Kiki Kc

    So casual....not so much acting..Love it very much..

  • Mr. Dee
    Mr. Dee

    I really miss Phupa and Tian :-(

  • evita yuli andriani
    evita yuli andriani

    Still waiting for the next episode.......

    • DS

      This is just a short story this MV is the continuation of this story

  • Panotpon Sumethanon
    Panotpon Sumethanon

    อ๋อ สาธิตม.บู

  • Bernande Sabroso
    Bernande Sabroso

    Are this series or just short story?

    • DS

      This is just a short story this MV is the continuation of this story

  • madgurl59

    Where is part 2?

    • DS
      DS this MV is the continuation of this story

  • Solange Rosa Mesquita
    Solange Rosa Mesquita


  • 3stanity (Stanly L)
    3stanity (Stanly L)


  • Julian Martinez
    Julian Martinez

    and the 2 part?

    • DS
      DS this MV is the continuation of this story

  • MoMo TaRo
    MoMo TaRo

    ตอนแรกนึกว่าทะเลจะเป็นฝ่ายชอบผู้ชายนะเนี่ย เดาผิดเลย

  • Yusuf Nabhani
    Yusuf Nabhani

    Sub indo please

  • onin enciso
    onin enciso

    To be continued??? Any update please we're waiting for it... Thank you :)

    • DS
      DS this MV is the continuation of this story

  • alison

    i did not come here to cry 😭😭😭😭

  • Mourel Tripurca Nurhakim
    Mourel Tripurca Nurhakim

    What title drama?

  • Bii

    I didn't expect this, omg

  • cyan nanashi
    cyan nanashi

    I really cried. It's so hurt.

  • cyan nanashi
    cyan nanashi

    This looks like their story as 7 years in friendship. So cute EartMix.🥰😊

  • Sushmita Mary Lakra
    Sushmita Mary Lakra

    I beg to differ, it’s the chemistry that shackled Earth from thriving. The prior plots objectively didn’t do much justice to his aptitude for acting. The actors not hitting it off is secondary, the underlying hitch is defo the plots. ATOTS and this had the potential to legit exert the competency and flair in the best way possible out of him. Undeniably, Mix is the quintessential co-actor he has had as yet but Earth always had the flair that legitimately made him what he is today. He hands down has had his breakthrough with ATOTS and is on a roll. I wish him all the luck. I wish he keeps transcending his works and savours the halcyon phases.

  • my.yuhe玉河

    thời trẻ trâu của đội trưởng Phu và e bé Tian :))))

  • Look at the sky
    Look at the sky

    มูฟออนจากคู่นี้ไม่ได้เลย ฮือออออ เคมีดีมากกแแกก ตามมาจากนิทานพันดาวค่ะ❤

  • Priyanka Majumdar
    Priyanka Majumdar

    😂😂😂 Chief Phupa and Tian had got back to thier old days..

  • zahirul syafiq
    zahirul syafiq

    This is just going to make me stan them even more 🥺😭

  • Raynald Wahengbam
    Raynald Wahengbam

    I hate this story . Every story deserves a happy ending .

    • DS

      It has a happy ending this MV is the continuation of this story

  • Nkcd Humank
    Nkcd Humank

    2:45 funny af 🤣

  • rolos 02
    rolos 02

    Is their a part 2 to this ?

    • DS

      This is just a short story this MV is the continuation of this story

  • Crazyyym8

    My poor heart

  • bích ngọc nguyễn
    bích ngọc nguyễn

    There is no boundary #Earthmix #LGBT

  • Ammar Jebat
    Ammar Jebat

    make another series of them both please, but make it more aggressive hahahahaha

  • Febry Exokokobop27
    Febry Exokokobop27

    i miss them soo much

  • sewjin

    Does it has second part or is that to be continued about 'half' MV??

  • sewjin

    I've watched this for so many times🥺🤧🤧 And watching again and again never get bored🤩🥺 their acting is one of best actings that i've seen❣️

  • Chelsea Guevara
    Chelsea Guevara

    I need the next part plssss I was left with tears 🥲🤧

    • DS
      DS this MV is the continuation of this story

  • Thị Phượng Lương
    Thị Phượng Lương

    Phim này tên gì cho

  • Ruth Reyes
    Ruth Reyes

    Bitin... Where is the continuation

  • jupamoers

    Here we go again ... Tian and Phupa :D That explains Earth's Instagram post the other day with him in School uniform

  • Tachiru Akimi
    Tachiru Akimi


  • Dera Tisna
    Dera Tisna

    Is this a new series?

  • Kai Ribao
    Kai Ribao

    Mix!!!🥺🥺🥺 I NEED MORE.😌😭😭😭❤

  • Noga Gerald
    Noga Gerald

    Whale its time to come back.

  • Siriphon Sarawichit
    Siriphon Sarawichit


    • ชินจัง จอมแก่น
      ชินจัง จอมแก่น

      หนังสั้นเรื่องราวสตอรี่ MV เพลงของนิวจิ๋วครับ

  • Armino Ultimo
    Armino Ultimo


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